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Instant Digital Assessment Fee (Non-refundable)

A Trial gives you the opportunity to Register your details with our Agency and view a few Client Profiles at the Matchmaking Session to get an idea of who we work with.  Then you can sign up for our Matchmaking Programme to start meeting Singles.  Note no Matches are given out with a Trial.  Alternatively you can start straight away on our Matchmaking Programme.




You can join onto the programme at any time of the year, but whenever you join, your application will need to be renewed at the end of December so we can move you onto the next years matchmaking programme.

Instant Digital Assessment Fee (Non-refundable)

NORMAL PRICE:  £4,120  (On Sale below)

Our Matchmaking Programme is designed to FASTTRACK you to LOVE.  As a Candidate on our Exclusive Programme you will be in the drivers seat to meet an UNLIMITED amount of Singles you like from our database!  That's Right, we want you to find Love and find it FAST!  Your Matchmaker will be right by your side to help you throughout the process, giving you tips on how to be your best and prepping you for your meetings.  Everyone on our books is looking for TRUE LOVE!  They have taken the care and attention to go through our application process because they are serious about finding the one.

We want you to GO OUT and START MEETING SINGLES!  Through real face to face interactions you will learn what you love about the person you meet and be able to take your interest forward to a second, third, forth meeting and so on.

Love is possible for you in 2020!  Our Matchmaking Service is just like any other type of Specialist Professional Service on the market, clients come to us because they want to come to the BEST, use 'Our Expertise' and need Professional Help to shift up a gear in their Love Life.  We have the best Matchmaking Book in the UK as we are the ONLY service that caters for Muslim, Single, Professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Our clients are real, authentic and genuine people!  Many of them have tried dating apps and websites for years.. (for some even 10 years without luck!)  When they look back and reflect on their life they regret why they didn't invest in Professional help earlier.  A huge chunk of their life has been wasted hanging on waiting for a miracle to happen!  Opportunities for Love have to be created in life, and you need to tap into the Right Talent Pool!  Clients have seen our Matchmaking Programme as a very small investment, in comparison to other expensive purchases in their life (cars, houses).  As you get older you realise this is THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF YOUR LIFE and it is impossible to put a price on the value of your HAPPINESS.

Our programme runs from January to December, over this time we will bring you together with many singles.

Our programme is more Natural, there are No Swipes, No Likes, No Online wasted messaging... Simply see Profiles on our database and Select who you wish to see in person!

Our MATCHMAKERS look forward to meeting you and setting you up on your very First MEET UP with us!

Join now and FIND LOVE!

*Fair usage policy applies to number of Matches requested


the muslim matchmaker



the muslim matchmaker



1) Once you have submitted your Assessment above and hear back from our team you can book your Photoshoot Appointment below.

Saturday Appointments available.

Profile Picture Photoshoot

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2) After your photoshoot date our team will contact you to come in to meet us with your family for your Verification Meeting and to set you both up on our Mobile App.  During this meeting you will also have the opportunity to take your 1st Match!

Then you are all ready and set up to attend the Online Matchmaking Sessions!

Face to Face Meeting at Birmingham Office (non-refundable)

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