Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to personal information held by The Muslim Matchmaker, as described below. It explains what information we’ll collect about you and how we’ll use it.

It will also explain who we’ll share your information with and when, plus what we’ll do to make sure it stays safe and secure.

It continues to apply even if your agreement for matchmaking or advertising services with us ends. It should also be read alongside your matchmaking terms and conditions.

This Privacy Notice covers any matchmaking products or services you use with us. This includes interviews, referencing, advertising, photography, videography, TV production.

Some links on our websites lead to other non-The Muslim Matchmaker websites. These have their own privacy notices, which may be different to this one. You’ll need to make sure you’re happy with their privacy notices when using those sites.

Wherever we’ve said ‘you’ or ‘your’, this means you, any authorised person on your account, anyone who does your matchmaking or deals with us for you (for example, a related family member).

When we say ‘we’, we mean The Muslim Matchmaker companies which act as a data controller in respect of your personal data. Unless otherwise stated below, the data controller for the purposes of this notice is The Muslim Matchmaker.

The address for The Muslim Matchmaker companies is 149 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JP. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can also find contact details below.

What information we collect

We’ll only collect information about you as allowed by regulations and law. We may collect it from a range of places and it may relate to any of our products or services you apply for, currently hold or have held in the past. We may also collect information about you when you interact with us. This includes when you visit our websites or mobile channels, call us or visit us in person, or ask about any of our products and services.

Some of it will come directly from you, for example, when you provide ID for referencing. It can also come from your employer, credit agency, background checking agency, your family member or other places you’ve asked us to get information from. We might also get some from publicly available places.

The information we collect will depend on the level of service you have. It may include:

Information that you provide to us, for example:

  • personal details, for example, names, gender, date and place of birth;
  • contact details, for example, address, email address, and telephone numbers;
  • information about your identity for example, photo ID, passport information, National Insurance number, National ID card and nationality;
  • market research, for example, information and opinions given;
  • other information about you that you give us when you fill forms in or by communicating with us, whether face-to-face, by phone, email, online, or otherwise;
  • information regarding your family or other people who form part of your personal matchmaking profile
  • lifestyle information, for example, if you smoke, exercise, your diet
  • relevant details about your physical or mental health
  • details about any criminal convictions or related information. This includes details of offences or alleged offences;


Information we collect or provide about you, for example:

  • your financial information and information about your relationship with us. This includes the products and services you hold, the channels you use, how you deal with us, clients you are interested in, and information about complaints and disputes;
  • information we use to identify you, for example, your photographs and other information, such as your ID, or additional information that we receive from external sources that we need for compliance purposes;
  • information included in customer documentation, for example, a record of advice that we may have given you;
  • marketing and sales information, for example, details of the services you receive and your preferences;
  • information about your device or the software you use, for example, its IP address, technical specification and uniquely identifying data;
  • cookies and similar technologies we use to recognise you, remember your preferences and tailor the content we provide to you – our cookie policy contains more details about how we use cookies and can be found at
  • risk rating information, for example, credit risk rating, transactional behaviour and credit reports;
  • investigations data, for example, due diligence checks, sanctions and anti-money laundering checks, external intelligence reports, content and metadata related to relevant exchanges of information between and among individuals and/or organisations, including emails, voicemail, live chat, etc.;
  • records of correspondence and other communications between us;
  • information we need to complete your due diligence;
  • detection of any suspicious and unusual activity and information about parties connected to you or these activities. Information we collect from other places, for example:
  • information you’ve asked us to collect for you
  • information from third party providers, that helps us to help prevent or detect fraud or that relates to your social interactions. This includes your communications via social media, between individuals, organisations, prospects and other stakeholders acquired from companies that collect combined information;

How we’ll use your information

We’ll only use your information if we have your permission or we have another legal reason for using it. These reasons include:

  • if we need to pursue our legitimate interests;
  • to enter into or carry out an agreement we have with you;
  • where we’re required to by law;
  • where we believe it’s in the public interest for us to do so for example, to help prevent or detect crime;
  • to establish, utilise or defend our legal rights;
  • for insurance purposes.

The reasons we use your information include to:

  • provide you with our products and services;
  • carry out your wishes, for example, make family to family introductions
  • carry out background checks;
  • manage our relationship with you;
  • prevent or detect crime including fraud and financial crime;
  • manage risk, ensure security and business continuity;
  • promote your profile on our digital platforms;
  • market our products and services to you and others;
  • improve our products and services, from seeing how you use them;
  • protect our legal rights and comply with our legal obligations;
  • carry out system or product development and planning, audit and administrative purposes;

Further details of how we’ll use your information can be found in the Appendix below.

How we make decisions about you

We may use automated systems to help us make some of our decisions, for example, when you apply for products and services, to make decisions and to carry out fraud and money laundering checks.

Any responses you provide will be reported back to us anonymously unless you give us permission for your details to be shared. If you do not wish to be contacted for market research purposes, please let us know by using the details set out in the ‘More details about your information’ section below.


When you use The Muslim Matchmaker Page on Facebook, we collect information about you. This includes:

  • what you click on: if you start a messenger conversation;
  • what you view: when you hover over a link or have an event page on screen;
  • what you say: like comments or reactions;
  • your actions: like sharing or recommending;
  • your location: country or region. This is not your precise location unless you have provided this in your user profile and you are logged in;
  • your device and internet connection;
  • your Facebook profile details and user ID.

The Muslim Matchmaker has access to this information to use for reporting, insights and marketing purposes and so does Facebook.

This helps The Muslim Matchmaker improve our offering on Facebook and create better marketing. The Muslim Matchmaker may also see this information if The Muslim Matchmaker has communicated with you on Facebook. The Muslim Matchmaker does this because it helps us know who we’re speaking to.

If you’ve allowed us to use cookies that support our marketing, The Muslim Matchmaker and Facebook can collect this information when you use The Muslim Matchmaker’s site too. To learn more, or to switch this off, please visit our Cookies Notice at TheMuslimMatchmaker/cookie-notice/. You can control which cookies you allow by selecting “Manage


Facebook Ireland is a ‘joint controller’ with us in law for processing where we collect information about you:

  • from your actions on our Facebook page;
  • through the Facebook pixel on our website.

We and Facebook have agreed to share some responsibilities to protect your personal data, by:

  • making sure we each have a legal basis for joint processing;
  • honouring your legal rights in respect of your data;
  • ensuring security of joint processing.

You can contact The Muslim Matchmaker about how we do this. You can also contact Facebook about what they do. This includes exercising your legal rights in respect of the data Facebook collects and retains itself.

Further details of how Facebook processes your personal information, the legal basis it relies on, your rights and Facebook’s contact details can be found at:

You may have a right to certain information about how we make these decisions and ask for a decision to be made by a person instead of a computer. More details can be found in the ‘Your rights’ section below.

Tracking or recording what you say or do

To help keep you safe, we may store details of your interactions with us. We may also record and keep track of conversations you have with us including phone calls, face-to-face meetings, letters, emails, live chats, video chats and any other kinds of communication. We may use these to check your instructions to us, assess, analyse and improve our service, train our people, manage risk or to prevent and detect fraud and other crimes. We may also store additional information about these interactions, for example, telephone numbers that you call us from and information about the devices or software that you use. We use photography, television film and videography in and around our offices and meeting venues and these may collect photos or videos of you, or record your voice.

Our websites, apps, and other digital products may also track and record your interactions with them to help keep you safe, to help us provide or improve services and features, to help keep our services secure, to help make your visit more personal, or to support our marketing. Some tracking is optional. For more details please refer to our relevant website, app or other digital privacy notices and cookies notices.

Compliance obligations

We’ll use your information to meet our compliance obligations. We’ll also use it to comply with other laws and regulations. We’ll share your information with regulators and other authorities that The Muslim Matchmaker companies are subject to. This may include using it to help detect or prevent crime (including terrorism financing, money laundering and other financial crimes). We’ll only do this if it’s needed to comply with a legal requirement, it’s in our legitimate interests and that of others, or to prevent or detect unlawful acts.


We may use your information to provide you with details about our products and services, and also products and services from other third parties. We may send you marketing messages by post, email, telephone, text, secure messages, Mobile app, or through social media. You can change your mind on how you receive marketing messages or you can stop receiving them at any time. To make that change, please contact us in the usual way.

Even if you tell us not to send you marketing messages, we’ll continue to use your contact details to send you important information, such as changes to your terms and conditions or if we need to tell you something to comply with our regulatory obligations.

Market Research

We may use your information for market research and to identify trends. Market research agencies acting on our behalf may get in touch with you to invite you to take part in research. We won’t invite you to take part in research using a communication method if you’ve asked us not to get in touch

  • law enforcement, government, courts, dispute resolution bodies, regulators, auditors and any party appointed or asked for by regulators to carry out investigations or audits of our activities;
  • other parties involved in any disputes
  • fraud prevention agencies who’ll also use it to detect and prevent fraud and other financial crime and to confirm your identity;
  • anyone who provides instructions or operates any of your accounts on your behalf, for example, Power of Attorney, solicitors, intermediaries, etc;
  • anybody else that we’ve been asked to share your information with by either you or anybody else who provides instructions or operates any of your accounts on your behalf;
  • where relevant, medical experts and rehabilitation providers.

Online Advertising

When we advertise our products and services on the internet, we may share your information with our advertising partners. For example, when we use social media for marketing purposes, your information may be shared with the social media platforms so that they can check if you hold an account with them. If you do, we may ask the social media partner or social media network:

  • to use your information to send our adverts to you, for example, because we think that you might be interested in a new service that we offer;
  • to exclude you from receiving our adverts, for example, because the advert is for a service that you already use;
  • to advertise to people who have a similar profile to you, for example, if we discover that one of our services is particularly useful to people with similar interests to the ones on your social media profile, we may ask our advertising partner or the social media network to send our adverts for that service to people who share your interests.

Who we might share your information with

We may share your information with others where lawful to do so including where we or they:

  • need to in order to provide you with products or services you’ve asked for;
  • need to in order to provide you with your insurance policy or to administer your claim;
  • have a public or legal duty to do so, for example, to help with detecting and preventing fraud, tax evasion and financial crime;
  • need to for any regulatory reporting, litigation or asserting or defending legal rights and interests;
  • wish to send marketing to you or others, where you’ve given us your permission, or it’s within our legitimate interest to do so;
  • have a legitimate business reason for doing so, for example, to manage risk, confirm your identity, enable another company to provide you with services you’ve asked for, or check your suitability for products and services;
  • have asked you for your permission to share it, and you’ve agreed.

We may share your information for these purposes with others including:

  • other The Muslim Matchmaker companies and any sub-contractors, agents or service providers who work for us or provide services to us or other The Muslim Matchmaker companies (including their employees, sub-contractors, service providers, directors and officers);
  • any referrers who introduce you to us or deal with us for you;

Your Rights

You have a number of rights in relation to the information that we hold about you. These rights include:

  • the right to see information we hold about you and to get information about what we do with it;
  • in some circumstances, the right to withdraw your permission to our processing of your information, that you can do at any time. We may continue to process your information if we have another legitimate reason for doing so;
  • in some circumstances, the right to receive certain information you have provided to us in an electronic format and/or ask that we send it to a third party;
  • the right to ask that we correct your information if it’s inaccurate or incomplete;
  • in some circumstances, the right to ask that we delete your information. We may continue to keep your information if we’re entitled or required to keep it;
  • the right to object to, and to ask that we limit our processing of your information in some circumstances. Again, there may be situations where you object to, or ask us to limit our processing of your information but we’re entitled to continue and/or to refuse that request.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us using the details set out in the ‘More details about your information’ section below. You also have a right to complain to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office by visiting, or to the data protection regulator in the country where you live or work.

Credit Reference Checks, Fraud and Money Laundering, Credit Reference Checks

If you apply for to use our services, we may carry out credit and identity checks on you with one or more credit reference agencies (CRAs).

To do this, we’ll give your personal information to CRAs and they’ll give us details about you or we may collect this information directly from you. This will include information about your financial situation and financial history. CRAs will supply us with both public (including the electoral register) and shared credit information, financial situation, history and fraud prevention information.

We may use this information to:

  • decide if you manage your finances responsibly
  • confirm the accuracy of the data you’ve given us;
  • prevent criminal activity, fraud and money laundering;

You can contact us if you don’t wish us to share your personal data for online advertising. For more information, see ‘Your rights’ below.

Social media platforms also allow you to indicate your preferences to them about the advertising you receive on their platforms. Please contact your social media platforms for more information.

Sharing aggregated or anonymised information

We may share aggregated or anonymised information within and outside of The Muslim Matchmaker Group with partners such as research groups, universities or advertisers. You won’t be able to be identified from this information, for example, we may share information about general trends in the UK to help in research.

How long we’ll keep your information

We keep your information in line with our data retention policy. For example, we’ll normally keep your main information for a period of seven years from when our relationship with you ends. This allows us to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or use it where we need to for our legitimate purposes such as managing any disputes or concerns that may arise.

We may need to keep your information for longer where we need the information to comply with regulatory or legal requirements, help detect or prevent fraud and financial crime, answer requests from regulators, etc.

If we don’t need to keep information for this length of time, we may destroy, delete or anonymise it sooner.

Transferring your information overseas

Your information may be transferred to and stored in locations outside the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area (EEA), including countries that may not have the same level of protection for personal information. When we do this, we’ll ensure it has an appropriate level of protection and that the transfer is in line with applicable legal requirements. We may need to transfer your information in this way to carry out our contract with you, to fulfil a legal obligation, to protect the public interest and/or for our legitimate interests. In some countries the law might mean we have to share certain information, for example, with tax authorities. Even in these cases, we’ll only share your information with people who have the right to see it.

You can get more details of the protection given to your information when it’s transferred outside the United Kingdom or the EEA by contacting us using the details in the ‘More details about your information’ section below.

The personal information you provide or which we’ve collected from you, or received from third parties, will be used to carry out these checks in order to prevent fraud and money laundering, and to verify your identity.

We’ll process personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, contact details, financial information, employment details, and device identifiers for example, IP address.

We and fraud prevention agencies may also enable law enforcement agencies to access and use your personal data to detect, investigate and prevent crime.

We process your personal data on the basis that we have a legitimate interest in preventing fraud and money laundering and to confirm your identity. This allows us to protect our business and to comply with laws that apply to us. This processing is also a contractual requirement of any of our products or services you use.

Fraud prevention agencies can hold your personal data for different periods of time. If they’re concerned about a possible fraud or money laundering risk, your data can be held by them for up to six years.

Consequences of processing

If we, or a fraud prevention agency, have reason to believe there’s a fraud or money laundering risk, we may refuse to provide the services you’ve asked for. We may also stop providing existing products and services to you.

A record of any fraud or money laundering risk will be kept by the fraud prevention agencies. This may be used to enhance fraud detection models, and may also result in others refusing to provide services to you.

To find out more about our Fraud Prevention Agencies and how they manage your information, please visit each agency directly:


National Hunter –

Synectics Solutions Ltd –

We may use your information to confirm the accuracy of any details you give us, prevent criminal activity, fraud and money laundering.

The identities of the CRAs, their role also as fraud prevention agencies, the data they hold, the ways in which they use and share personal information, data retention periods and your data protection rights with the CRAs are explained in more detail on their websites. They’ve created a joint document called the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice (CRAIN) which is available from each of the three CRAs – going to any of these three links will also take you to the same CRAIN document:

Credit reference agencies:

Transunion –

Equifax –

Experian –

Fraud Prevention Agencies

We’ll carry out checks with fraud prevention agencies for the purposes of preventing fraud and money laundering, and to confirm your identity before we provide products and services to you. These checks require us to process personal information about you.

  • To prevent and detect crime including, for example, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering: this will include monitoring, mitigation and risk management, carrying out customer due diligence, name screening, transaction screening and customer risk identification. We do this because it’s in our legitimate interest. We may share your information with relevant agencies, law enforcement and other third parties where the law allows us to for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime. Additionally we and other matchmaking agencies may take steps to help prevent financial crime and manage risk. We’ll do this because we have a legitimate interest to prevent or detect crime or it’s in the public interest. We may be required to use your information to do this, even if you’ve asked us to stop using your information. That could include (among other things):
  • screening, instructions or communications you send or receive
  • passing information to relevant agencies if we think you’ve given us false or inaccurate information, or we suspect criminal activity;
  • combining the information we have about you with information from other companies to help us better understand any potential risk;
  • Risk management: we’ll use your information to measure, detect and prevent the likelihood of financial, reputational, legal, compliance or customer risk.
  • Online Matchmaking Magazine: we’ll use your information to allow us to provide you with access to The Muslim Matchmaker online platforms and mobile apps. The platform may allow you to directly or indirectly communicate with us through or apply for products and services online. The lawful basis for using your information for this purpose is to perform our contract with you or that processing for this purpose is in our legitimate interest;

What we need from you

You’re responsible for making sure the information you give us is accurate and up to date, and you must tell us if anything changes as soon as possible.

How we keep your information secure

We use a range of measures to keep your information safe and secure. We require our staff and any third parties who carry out any work on our behalf to comply with appropriate compliance standards including obligations to protect any information and applying appropriate measures for the use and transfer of information.

More details about your information

You can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) by writing to

The Muslim Matchmaker, 149 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JP, marking your letter for the attention of DPO.

This Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time and the most recent version can be found at

This notice was last updated in March 2022.

Appendix – How we process your information

We’ll use your information for purposes including:

  • To deliver our products and services. We’ll do this in order to perform our contract with you;
  • Marketing: we’ll use your information to provide you with information about The Muslim Matchmaker products and services, and also products and services from our partners and other relevant third parties. This includes marketing by post, email, telephone, text, secure messages, Mobile app or advertising to you and other people online and on social media. The lawful basis for this is our legitimate interest. We may need your permission to communicate by certain channels and we’ll always make sure we get this where we need to.

You can change your mind on how you receive marketing messages or choose to stop receiving them at any time. To make that change, contact us using the details set out in the ‘More details about your information’ section above;

  • Protecting our legal rights: we may need to use your information to protect our legal rights, for example, in the case of defending or the protection of legal rights and interests; court action; managing complaints or disputes; or other mergers or acquisition. We’d do this on the basis that it’s in our legitimate interest.
  • Product and service improvement: we’ll look at your information to identify possible service and product improvements. The lawful basis for processing your information for this purpose is our legitimate interest. We do this to improve our products and services to best meet the needs of our customers;
  • Data analytics: we’ll look at your information to identify opportunities to promote products and services to existing or prospective customers and to understand how our products and services are used. We do this to help us provide you with products and services we think will be of most relevance to you. The lawful basis for using your information in this way is our legitimate interest;

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