Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for The Muslim Matchmaker service?

Our Matchmaking Service is suitable for Professionals based in the UK who are serious about their marriage search.  It is for people who are willing to commit their time and effort with our Matchmaker so that we can find them their partner within a few months!

They have to be Ready to Change and take on board Feedback from our Matchmaker.  We are up to date with what works now in the 2020 marketplace and clients need to be ready to make some serious changes if they want to get their Dream Partner!  This is a very specialised process, we only take on a few Private Clients as we dedicate all our time to get you results fast!

This service is not suitable for people with a Freebie mentality.  Freebie Seekers only attract Freebie mentality people.  Freebie services are available on Dating Apps and we are not a duplicate of that type of service.  Our clients want High Quality people who Respect themselves, their faith, other peoples Time and see this as a precious part of their Life. They don’t want their time to be wasted with unsuitable calibre of people.

Can I speak with someone?

Yes sure, you can book a telephone consultation online by following the booking link.  Please note we will not call you if you just email us on the contact form, you must follow the correct process and book via the booking link.  We get a high volume of requests every day for telephone calls, so we have implemented this process to accommodate your needs.

Can I meet someone face to face?

Yes of course,  registered clients can book an appointment to meet one of our Matchmakers in Birmingham.

Do you offer a 1-2-1 private matchmaking service?

Yes, we take on clients for 1-2-1 matchmaking.  If you are interested in a private service, join online via the TRIAL process and then we can discuss further once you have completed the onboarding.

We spend all out time with our Private Clients only, no Matchmaking is given to TRIAL clients.

I love the sound of your service, your concept is great and totally different to anything out there

Thanks for the recognition. It was very important for us to offer something very different which allows people to maintain their dignity, respect and standards whilst looking for a marriage partner. We found dating apps and websites very derogatory, where people can be made to do things they don’t wish to do.  Those platforms are also not suitable for professionals who are looking for similar calibre of people and feel they are just put into a bucket with everyone.

We are professionals ourselves so have based everything according to what we would want for ourselves.  Our team are made up of senior leaders working for global banks and senior medical professionals.

Is this service only for professionals?

Yes, this service is strictly for professionals.  Our members are working in careers in the private and public sectors and, are looking for someone at a similar level to them, so we do not accept anyone that doesn’t meet this criteria.  We also accept graduates as part of our service, as we understand that they will soon be embarking on a career in their chosen field.

Is this service limited to a specific geographical area?

No, that’s the great thing about us, our service is open to everyone living in the UK, as well as UK expats living abroad.

We have branches in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Are you like a dating website and dating apps?

No we are not a dating website or an app.  There are no Likes, or Swipes!  We have a portfolio of singles which you can view, full profiles with photographs.  As a Private Matchmaking client we go through suitable matches for you and then arrange your face to face meet ups!

When I join do I speak to people online?

No, you can select which people you are interested in and, then you can go straight to speaking on the phone to arrange your face to face meeting. This is all arranged by your Matchmaker for Private clients.

I am looking on behalf of my brother / son / family member, is that possible?

Yes, we encourage family to be part of the process as we understand it can be daunting and this is such an important life decision.  The single person will need to complete their profile themselves, but the family can assist by going through profiles and arranging joint meetings with people you are interested in.  This is actually advised as singles tend to be very busy in the week with work and appreciate the family sorting out their weekend plans.

Is this like a traditional community matchmaking service?

Yes we have all the same benefits like your very own local community matchmaker, with the added benefit that we have a national (and global) reach, so we can help you meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet. All our members are added to our service by our matchmakers personally, which means everyone’s profiles have been checked individually. Also all our members have photographs which makes it so much easier to start the process.

What are your minimum membership terms?

We keep your profile on our books for 12 months, but you are not tied into any contract.  This gives you the flexibility to let us know if you find someone so we can remove your details from our database.  There is a very small fee to register your profile with us on a TRIAL.  For Private Matchmaking clients we design a flexible programme around your needs and Matchmake you up until December, no matter when you join us in the year.

How much is it to join?

Our current price is available online, click the ‘Join’ button from the homepage for full details.  You must complete all the stages online to start as a TRIAL.

How does the matchmaking work?

The best part of our Private service is that you are in control of who you wish to meet.  If anyone takes your fancy you can initiate contact yourself directly or we contact them for you. We do not pressure you to meet anyone you are not interested in. We can also go out to recruit more people for you if you want to meet more people before making up your mind.

I have started my registration, but lost the link/closed the link by mistake to complete my profile, what shall I do?

Not to worry, we can understand that can sometimes happen.  If you email us your details we will redirect you to complete you profile. Our email is

Do you run events to meet singles?

Yes, we can offer bespoke events for our Private Matchmaking Clients based around their requirements.  As a Private Client they have access to our full resources and support.

Do you cater for all ethnicities, ages and people previously married etc?

Yes we do. We don’t get involved in nitty, gritty details, “what if this”, “what if that”.  Our service is open to all Muslims who are professionals. It is as simple as that!  If you do contact us to ask us more specific questions, which are not appropriate, we will give you the same answer as we do not discriminate by cast or age or against people in a previous marriage.  We want people to broaden their minds as life is not perfect, we all come in our own unique ways and have our own life stories.  Preferences are personal, so we allow you that opportunity to explore and get to know someone through meeting up with them, you shouldn’t build up so many barriers before meeting people, because when you meet them they may turn out to be super awesome!

Is this service suitable for someone who is practising?

Yes definitely, our service is conducted in the most respectful manner, you will feel great to be part of this safe platform.  This is a service where you can openly tell your friends and family about without feeling a shamed.  There is no stigma attached as this is used by people who are serious in finding a companion to start their new married life with.

Do I need to have my photograph taken?

Yes, everyone has to visit us to have a photograph taken so we can verify you against your proof of identification.  It is easy to come to visit us as we are based across the UK, we will send you the details when you join.

I could do with some help from a matchmaker before I speak or meet singles, is this possible?

Yes sure, for Private Clients we can arrange some private 1-2-1 coaching sessions to help you with any personal goals you wish to achieve. We have worked with people in the past to help them with their confidence, overcome their fears, how to talk with the opposite sex, how to arrange your meeting and follow up, as well as any other things you may need help with.  We cannot stress how important it is to be prepared before you meet a great person, as you only have one opportunity to make a good impression.  The more preparation you do the better chance of success you will have.

Personal development is so important in today’s day and age, it is also such an attractive quality. People who invest in themselves stand out of the crowd, they tend to have qualities where they elevate others, give out positive vibes as they feel good about themselves, thus are more attractive to people and are seen as a high-value partner.  This is evident in the west, where we can see people participating in extra activities outside of work and with their families to develop their character and worldly knowledge.  We can help to bring you up to speed so you are able to achieve a better quality and happy life.

I am originally from the UK but I now live abroad, can I join?

Yes, we have clients that are expats working in places like the Middle East.  Our service is open to people living in the UK, as well as UK expats working abroad.


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