The Muslim Matchmaker .com
The Muslim Matchmaker .com

We are the Top Marriage Agency for Professional Muslims in London, Birmingham, Manchester and in the UK.  We set you up on Face to Face Meetings!

We are the ‘choice’ for gown-up, working Professionals, who are tired of ‘dating apps’, ‘dating websites’ and ‘speed dating events’.

Undo all the cold, bad habits learnt on dating apps and learn how to experience real love, romance and happiness again!

Join our Community, become Better and Change your Mindset!


the muslim matchmaker .com


Let us MATCH you with a Professional on our Books

Welcome to THE MUSLIM MATCHMAKER .COM. We are the Top Marriage Agency for Professional Muslims, our Matchmaking Book consists of clients particularly from London, Manchester and Birmingham. We set Singles up on Face to Face Meetings, come select who you wish to MEET!






We are NOT a Dating Website, a Dating App, nor are we old fashioned, cringe “Speed Dating Marriage Event Dinners”.

Our concept is completely Modern and Unique. We only Match Make clients that are Registered on our Website and that have completed a Digital Assessment. The reason for this is we need to know who you are, your credentials and what you a looking for in advance. Only once you have been Verified will we Match Make you up with other Single Clients.

Personality, Kindness and Laughter are important in life, this is why we set you up on Real Activity Meetings to find out more about your Match in a natural setting. This is far more effective that having an ‘interview’ style first meeting.  We are attracted to people with real Life Skills and this is the perfect setting to learn a lot about someone in a short space of time.  This will also develop you as a person, give you life experiences, learn how to have fun, value others and make you understand what it is you are actually looking for in a life partner.

Men want a woman who is confident in herself, polite in her mannerisms, knows how to let her hair down away from her ‘job title’, fancy clothes and make up!  Women want a man who is exciting, adventurous, generous and not boring!

This is the perfect opportunity for you both to be two fun singles who have decided to take part in our programme and commit to investing in 3 initial meetings to make your relationship work!


Benefits of using our service:

– No Time Wasters

– Everyone has advised their parents they are using our Service for Marriage

– Professionals only

– Photographs of everyone

– We check ID & Employment details

– We set you up on Face to Face Meetings

– We take care of the initial “Ice Breaker” by organising your first 3 meetings doing activities you like

– Quick to start meeting Quality Singles






*Terms & Conditions:  This Event Offer is available for Existing clients on our current £599 Matchmaking plan on our Website.  NEW CLIENTS wishing to take up this offer must Join Online before 7 December so we can get your profile ready.  This session will be added into your current plan as a Free event.  Clients looking to participate must complete the required actions before 7 December, email us for further details.



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Are you Ready to Commit to Love and Marriage?

– Providing a safe and open environment for our clients is key to us, everyone must complete the verification process below to be accepted onto our network
– We want our clients to feel empowered, respected and happy, we therefore have a zero tolerance policy to any rude, aggressive or threatening behaviour
– Our team are dedicated to introducing you to someone amazing as soon as possible, you therefore must be committed to meet every month go through suitable prospects
– Clients who are positive, polite and respectful tend to do well in real life matchmaking introductions as they are more attractive
– Professionals come to our service because they wish to benefit from our expertise
– Clients who are ready to undo bad habits and shift into the adult mindset have better quality outcomes
– Remember we are the key to your introductions! It is in your best interest to form a good relationship with us if you want us to help you
– This service highlights your true personality to us in a much deeper way than an online profile.  This is pure, valuable knowledge we can share first hand to others

The Muslim Matchmaker .com






We have new Singles register on our books every day, all you need to do is join in and reap the benefits!
connecting people with a purpose
we are here to help you on your marriage journey

Benefits of our premier service


We are the only service in the UK catering for Single Muslim Professionals & Graduates.

Access to the Corporate Sector and Industry

We are the only Muslim service with direct contact into the Corporate Sector, meaning we take on high quality clients.

We meet every client

We are the only service to meet every client before you do.

You meet every client face to face

Enjoy hassle-free, easy matchmaking!

popular with Medical & healthcare practitioners

Preferred service provider for single Doctors, Consultants, Dentists, Pharmacists etc

exclusive network

Everyone must apply to join our network. We only accept members with full profiles and who are serious about getting married.

UK Professionals

We only accept members who are UK professionals, or UK Expats to ease your search.

one to one meetings

We can arrange 1-2-1 meetings on your behalf with anyone you are interested in.

Flexible meetings to suit you

We understand you are busy and finding time may be difficult, so we offer flexible meeting times to help you find the right one.

direct contact

No more swipes, collecting matches or texting online. We connect you together directly on the telephone so you can have a 'real' conversation and get to know one another.


We cater for all cultures and circumstances. You can even search for reverts or single parents.

select your type

No left or right swipes! You chose exactly who you wish to speak to and when. No pressure from anyone.

see members

Every member has 2 professional photographs making it safe to know who you are speaking with.

bespoke package

We understand it can take time to meet the right person, so you are not tied into any contracts, there is only a one-off fee to join. Private 1-2-1 Matchmaking is also available for male clients.


Identification and Employment documents are checked, as well as a quick family verification check to ensure all our members details are real.

Referral service available

Know a friend or family member looking for marriage? Contact us to refer them, then once they sign up we will give you a thank you gift.