85% of single women we surveyed said they experienced a marriage meeting which they didn’t take to a second date!  Join us to find out why and how you can avoid unsuccessful first dates!

Get ahead of the rest of the men!  Join our Monthly Coaching Sessions over the telephone to help you be the best in your relationship.  The calls are completely Private and Anonymous.

We work with men who have never had relationships to men who want to have better quality relationships to enhance their love life.

Women will definitely value you and find you more attractive if you implement some of the tips you will learn with us!

Topics we cover are –
– Learn about women and what women really want
– How to approach a woman you like in the real world
– How to best communicate with women and get her to appreciate your company
– How to be fun, exciting, playful and attractive to her
– Learn how to re phase what you say to be more welcoming and engaging
– How to get yourself ready to have a relationship
– Building your core confidence
– How to raise the bar, set your standards to get noticed
– How to have attractive qualities
– How to let her know you are interested in her the right and charming way
– Getting to know an older woman, women of other cultures, long distance relationships
– Being happy and attracting positive people into your life
– Ways you can show affection and intimacy on a daily basis
– Develop real Emotional connection (one of the biggest reasons women divorce)
– Transition from Single to Married – managing relationships between the in laws and daughter in law (one of the biggest reasons women divorce)
– What women like, buying gifts for her and planning for special occasions
– ‘Women’s Health’ and how to look after her well
– Learn to quickly overcome any rejections or hurdles
– Overcoming your initial fears of meeting females for marriage
– Overcoming any past trauma, childhood issues, relationship issues, so you can move forward and enjoy your life
– Lead your marriage meetings to get what you want out of them
– Healthy disagreements and making up quickly
– Dealing with loneliness in the modern world
– Dressing well to keep her happy

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*12 months contract
First month will be to complete your onboarding process
14 day cooling off period available